Friday, January 18, 2013

Nothing Common About It

Went swimming last Saturday and experienced congestion. No biggie. Post-swimming congestion happens. I was so sure that my congestion was swimming-related that I confidently told my massage therapist that I was not battling anything when she inquired.

Famous last words and hope springs eternal because I've heard a plethora of people coughing and whatnot in the gym and at work.

I have been fighting the good fight with Emergen-C, Cold-eeze plus green with sgs, ginger + lemon and rose hip teas. If nothing else, this cold should have drowned by now.

Whatever It Takes...
One of colleagues told me, by the way, that they used to throw rose hips and rub them into each other's backs as kids which reminds me of yet another colleague who's from California; they used to throw pomegranates at one another.

When I took a bath, I decided to throw my Reiki-blessed salts into the bathwater. This cold is going down!

In all seriousness, I have a fresh appreciation for wellness...

Infused with Reiki Blessings...


  1. You sure it's not the flu? This is a bad flu year because they guessed one of the strains wrong for the vaccine. I hope you feel better by now!

  2. I feel much better, thanks.

    Even though whatever I had was persistent and annoying, it was pretty low-grade (without a fever & aching) so I don't think it was the flu...

  3. Glad you are feeling better, but I did not see or missed any mention of the Stinky Rose - garlic?

  4. Jane,

    I've been reluctant to try garlic (for colds) even though my grandmother was a proponent of garlic tea.

    I shouldn't ignore a powerhouse so I’ll try it next time. Thanks for the reminder.