Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Only Rule

I finally got the courage and signed up for a Zumba class -- Zumba Gold, really, which is geared towards older people, beginners or anyone needing modifications.

Who's new? the instructor, Jenn, asked.

I didn't want to raise my hand but it was obvious that I was new. I'll just look at the people that look new, she joked.

I was close to the wall and Jenn said Those corners will eat you up. I saw space on the other side of the room and asked this woman if she would switch positions with me because I wanted to be on the back row. As the music started, this woman skidded into class and next to me.

Jenn is a great and enthusiastic teacher. Bonus -- this woman on the front row smiled almost the entire time. There were moments when I faced the opposite direction of everyone else but I didn't feel embarrassed. Also loved that it was an inter-generational class. The vibe in the room was great and I can see why so many are addicted to Zumba.

The woman next to me, the skidder, was totally into it and she made me want to put more effort into my moves. She also made me sing during this one song because she would sing then turn to me, repeatedly, mouthing the words.

Jenn said that the only rule of Zumba is to have fun and I did. As I gathered my things in the hallway, the skidder said Are you going to take my Zumba Tone class now? That totally explained the enthusiasm and, while I didn't take her class today, I would like to return to take it.


  1. I've taken exactly one Zumba class. It was fun, but I was the least coordinated of the room. Good luck to you if you get the hang of it.

    1. Sara,

      I want to say that I'm not coordinated but that's not entirely true...

      I liked having a break from my other endeavors and while I don't see myself doing Zumba often, I do want to step on the dance floor again...