Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Marisa School Bus

Yeah, I pretty much got schooled by Marisa but what's new? She schools me every Wednesday.

When I first started practicing kettlebell, I found myself standing next to Barbara but when that place closed, most of the kettlebellers went separate ways.

Barbara's been ready to swing again so I, jokingly, suggested to Marisa to avoid the jugular right away and Marisa told me I always go hard. She also reminded me to go at my own pace and to modify when necessary but followed it up by saying that Working out is not always comfortable. Touché Marisa.

Marisa & Tiffany Demoing Partner Sit-Ups
And Barbara? It was as if she hadn't missed a beat. She was all over those burpees and pretty much rocked the whole workout and it was good to stand and swing next to her again.

I noticed that Tiffany was silent as a monk. She said that it had been a rough day and we all agreed that we were pretty much over the work week. I have mad props for Tiffany for practicing despite being in a mood...


  1. Oh man, I hate burpees. HATE. I can do all the components parts, but when I put it all together, it takes me like a minute to do ONE. I don't just bounce down to the floor in a single motion, you know?

    True that working out is not always comfortable. If it was, it wouldn't be "work"ing out. And the darned thing is, it never gets any easier. When you get to the point that something is easy, it's time to up the stakes and make it harder, and then you're back to the same level of pain :-)

  2. Yes, I know. My burpees are so awkward and I always feel like I have too much going on to get them done in a fluid sequence.

    Touché about *work*ing out and about easy routines.

    I think that I run into "trouble" because I don't like modifying when Marisa calls out a circuit -- same thing happens when I'm climbing a route. Of course, in the end, it's better to have modified than to just stand still in frustration...