Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When You're Wrapped Around A Ball

It's swinging day and the workout went along these lines:

Two-Hand Swing, 30 seconds

Clean and Squat, 30 seconds (right arm)
Clean and Squat, 30 seconds (left)

Row, 30 secs (r)

Clean...Squat...Press...Snatch...Rack...Press (60 secs)

Two-hand swing...

Next up, reps:

15 V-Ups or Knee-Hug Sit-Ups
30 Two-Hand Swings
20 Cleans
50 Mountain Climbers (25 Per Leg)
20 Rows (L & R)
25 Push-Ups
10 Around the Body with a Catch and Lunge

Clean...Squat...Press...Triceps Dip...(60 secs)

The 20 kettlebell cleans totally owned me...

For more ab work, we grabbed a medicine ball and did windshield wipers and crunches. I asked Chip if he felt the burn. Burned out, he replied.

In the middle of the workout, Marisa told us that newbie, Paige, had done over 100 push-ups the other day. I mouthed Who cares? and Marisa ratted me out. I care, she said. I do need to be more careful. I don't know Paige and I shouldn't joke with someone the first time that I make their acquaintance...

Went home and popped Stretch Max into the DVD. Did stretch routine two with the fitness ball. The music is so relaxing. A lot of the moves reminded me of yoga moves -- with support. I encountered bridge, child's pose, up and downward-facing dog and a floor spine twist. The ball just made every stretch phenomenal. Oh my God, baddha konasana a.k.a. butterfly pose was amazing. I also enjoyed the arm, glute and hamstring stretches and the one where you yawn your whole body out over the ball -- another move that we do in yoga but feels even better when you're wrapped around a ball. This stretch session was such a treat. Gingerzingi, thanks for turning me on to Stretch Max.


  1. That would be me, too, joking with someone the first time I meet them. I have no filter.

  2. I like to joke but forget that not everyone finds the same things funny.

    After I made the wisecrack, she said "I'm weird like that" so I don't think that injured her...

  3. That's what I loved about Ball Stretch - it's very yoga-y, but the support really helps me do it without strain. And even some very basic stretches like lunges are so much better with the ball. My husband has a theory that you can't effectively stretch a muscle that's under stress, and I think he's onto something. When I remove the effort of supporting my body, I can do a lot more with the stretch. Of course, this is specifically for stretching, whereas yoga practice has a more complex experience, it's not just flexibility. I'm glad you're enjoying the DVD.

  4. Glad that you found a method that works and so glad that you talked this DVD up. I still want to try the stretching section without equipment but the ball segment has been so much fun...