Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Woke up early, wondered why the TV wasn't responding to the remote and why my iPod wasn't updating. I finally connected the dots -- no electricity. The only noise in the house came from my iPod alarm, a chime signaling that my daily yoga quote had arrived and the unconscious flipping of switches that produced nothing.

I feel like I'm always learning lessons and the lack of electricity was definitely a lesson in preparing ahead of time. Luckily, I usually get clothes that don't require a lot of maintenance. But what to eat? I went to an independent coffee shop and got a breakfast sammie and coffee then headed to work. Still missed my oatmeal with banana and mango...

Hit the climbing gym yesterday and when I spotted Cindy, I felt the corners of my mouth lift and the smile spread. I was happy to see her. Didn't know that she was coming and she probably didn't think that I was coming either since I had emailed our group that I didn't know if I would swing my kettlebell or swing from ropes...

I was belaying when Cindy got ready to leave and, being the good belayer that I am, I slightly turned to kiss her and instead of cheeks, we ended up lip to lip and now I have that I Kissed A Girl...Katy Perry song in my head. Tim* -- no disrespect intended.

Went to yoga and Jen had the line of the night during corpse pose: Allow yourself the mental and physical gift of letting go. She also said pertinent things about corpse pose vs. savasana and the act of renewal that comes every time you step on the mat.

As I drove home I realized, again, how much I adore earth salutations. I really need to take time to do them at home. The electricity finally came on around 9 p.m. and, coolest of all, my fish pulled through...

*Cindy's fiancee


  1. Wow, that's a long time without electricity! Was it from the snow? We're having an unusually cold and wet spring, but around here that means mid-60s and rain, not snowstorm after snowstorm.

    Love how you stole a march on Tim! You just can't be trusted! LOL :-D

  2. It's been a wet spring around her as well. It has rained all day and it's so cold that my winter coat had to come out of the closet.

    The outage was due to a bad cable. It was probably the rain that wore it out.

    LOL re: stealing a march...