Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pacesetters

Barb -- Pumping Out The Rows
I looked at the whiteboard then looked away because I hoped that the workout was for a private client of Marisa's.

We warmed up with jumping jacks, mountain climbers, butt kickers and plank jacks and I assured Marisa that I was all warmed up.

The workout was not for a private client but for our group. Our mission, should we manage not to pass out, was to do:

50 Burpees
50 Push-Ups
25 Squat/Presses, Right Arm
25 Squat/Presses, Left
25 Rows, R & L
50 Knee Hug Sit-Ups
Plank (50 Seconds)
50 Jumping Jacks
10 Dive Bomber Push-Ups
10 Side Plank Hip Dip/Raises, R & L

Before and after this series we did simple kettlebell swings. For burpees, I ended up modifying and doing inchworms. Erin and Julia set the pace and we pretty much went to the next exercise when they finished. When I reached 25 knee hug sit-ups, Marisa looked my way as I was forming a word then asked Were you just getting ready to say fourteen?


  1. That's like a week of my workouts all in one session.

    I might try those inchworms; I don't like burpees and they don't like me.

  2. I surprised myself by not walking out the door upon realizing that burpees (and so many of them) were first on the menu.

    And, yeah, Marisa likes to cram a lot into a workout. My body was still semi-balled up from the last one...