Saturday, May 4, 2013


Texted Marisa to let her know that I would not be attending kettlebell class on Wednesday and would see her Saturday.
Marisa: (Princess) Tiffany has xyz and Liz has and might be the only one.
Me: I don't want you to give up Saturday for me. I'll catch you Wednesday.
Marisa: Come to class! It's what I do!
Me: A silent damn...
I never want one-on-one kettlebell practice with Marisa who is first-class but...

I barely get myself together in time and remind myself that I am not a morning person and that's okay. When I get to Marisa's, Julia is there. I don't remember her but she used to swing at the place that closed, feels like a badass when she practices kettlebell and has lost 60 pounds.

We start off doing jumping jacks then we pick up our kettlebell for 10 two-hand swings. We do mountain climbers then get up and do 10 right hand swings then 10 burpees with a push-up and a tuck jump and that just saps my energy but I move on to:

10 Swings, R
10 Swings, L
10 Rows, R
10 Rows, L
20 ATB (Around the Body) with a catch and lunge

At some point, we go back to single arm swings for one minute -- way too long if you ask me. We also get in 10 bottom up presses and 20 squats.

We do planks from the TRX and I'm still not sure how Marisa gets in and out, when she demonstrates, with no assistance. Also don't know how people work out quietly. I am noisy and I sometimes protest too much but I don't care because it gets me through the workout.

We check out the battle ropes for a minute -- doubles -- 10 x's; singles -- 10 x's; outs -- 10 x's.

We do core work with a medicine ball. Then we do a straight arm plank, right side and left side planks, a forearm plank and, to end the workout, we squat while holding the medicine ball out. I drop my ball before time is up and Marisa tells me to finish it out and I do.

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