Friday, May 24, 2013

Savasana And Other Zones

Went to a much anticipated class and yoga date with Cindy yesterday.

Jen likes to remind us of a Thich Nhat Hanh mindfulness exercise.
The exercise is simply to identify the in-breath as in-breath and the out-breath as the out-breath. When you breathe in, you know that this is your in-breath. When you breathe out, you are mindful that this is your out-breath... 
Toward the end of practice we aligned two bolsters, wrapped a strap around our legs, got on top of the bolsters and put our shoulders on the ground in a kind of supported fish pose.

A few minutes later Jen said As we move into savasana...but I had been in the savasana zone for quite a while. Fish pose is very relaxing.

As Jen closed practice, she talked about the meaning of Namaste, we said it then she softly said thanks and we thanked her back. I turned to Cindy and we saluted each other.

I keep thinking about something that Gloria said on Sunday about yoga being an opportunity to make connections and build relationships. I took that literally but also thought about ongoing relationships that can be strengthened by reconnecting.

I just finished reading Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga. I read Yoga for Dummies but related to Complete... more.

Loved this part:
Yoga is like a key to the secret door into the zone. Because yoga unites body and mind, it teaches you to discipline your mental state just as it teaches you discipline over your muscles. Your mind can be the instrument that keeps you in the zone of peak performance. Yoga unlocks the secret door to new productivity, creativity, efficiency, and true delight. (11)
Someone at work asked me when I stepped into my first yoga class and I realized that this month marks my second year anniversary of participating in a teacher led class. Lucky me...

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