Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bang...You're Working Out

My nightmare was at the top of the list again but, this time, Marisa had already written in the modifications because, you know, you can always modify when you need to...

50 Burpees (or 25 inchworms)
50 Push-ups
25 (right) /25 (left) Squat Press
25/25 Snatch (or Clean)
30 Around the Body with a Catch and Lunge

50 Triceps Dips
25/25 Rows
50 Knee-Hug Sit-Ups
50 Jacks

Barb, Julia & Jessica Pump Out the Rows While I Catch My Breath

I tried not to be a sourpuss but seeing 50 burpees dampened my spirits, for sure. Although, an enthusiastic Marisa said that when you see 50 burpees at the top of the list it's like Bang, you're working out...

The Around the Body was supposed to be Russian Step-ups but we had a sizable group and a chair deficit. We still could have done them because everyone finished reps at different times. I didn't even do the jumping jacks because the group was ready to move on.

After the jacks, we went on to do swings -- two-hand, hand-to-hand plus squat-curl-press-triceps extension, figure eights etc. then we got down on the floor and did floor presses, windshield wipers yadda yadda yadda and I did not yadda over the best part.

I barely spoke through the whole situation because instead of Bang, you're working out, it was more like Bang, bang, my baby shot me down...

I went at my own pace but I also need to remember that kettlebell practice is like yoga practice or any practice -- not everyone can do headstands or is super bendy and not everyone can do burpees as if they have a jet pack underneath them or springs attached to their feet... 

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