Friday, May 17, 2013

You Wouldn't Do That, Would You? or Stuff People Say To Me

  • You wouldn't do that, would you?

  • My mother upon hearing that Andrew Mason, former Groupon CEO, posted a video of himself doing yoga in his underwear.

  • You know how we eat radishes in Switzerland? With a little butter and salt on top. Mmm, so delicious.

  • Sarah

  • It's you that smells like Christmas.

  • Jessie to me after I magnetically cleared her energy field.

  • You look regal.

  • Bonnie, a woman who thought she knew me then chalked it up to my look.

  • Scudder me...

  • Sue to me during energy workshop

  • No thanks, I'll find the bees.

  • One of my boxing classmates who was not looking forward to allergy season. She preferred taking local honey to acupuncture.

  • I don't want to kill him but I don't want to have lunch with him either

  • Woman at Serendipity Cafe about a bee on her menu.

  • Does everyone have their cell phones on stun?

  • Pat before we started energy therapy work.

  • You were doing aerial fitness

  • Patti to me after my rope got seriously tangled with the auto belay.

  • Spandex is a privilege and not a right and it's a firm belief of mine that if you're a male, it's a privilege. 

  • David to me after I commented on his cool (non-spandex) bike shorts.

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