Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If There's A Kettlebell Static Hold Contest

Went to kettlebell practice despite not feeling 100% but I would have felt worse had I not gone. Marisa's menu today:

One Arm Swing, L & R
Snatch, L & R (Around the Body with a Catch and Lunge, modification)
Clean and Press, L & R
Overhead Static Hold, L & R
Two-Hand Swing
A to Grass (i.e. Squats) with Kettlebell, 10 x's
Tactical Lunge


We did each maneuver for one minute. I made it through the first round okay but staggered through the second one. I must say, though, I can hold a kettlebell in the upright position for a very long time. If there's a  Kettlebell Overhead Static Hold contest, put your money on me.

Because of recent incidents, we talked about personal safety. Barb had a good point. She suggested parking so that you don't have to back out. Chip said that, if in danger, he would not hesitate to hit other cars to get away. I reminded everyone that fire stations are usually occupied...

Barb talked about her recent trip to California. Everyone in Cali is in such good shape. I think this talk of Cali people made us swing our 'bells a little longer and lunge a little deeper.

Speaking of safety, Marisa reminded us that if we could not maintain good form to cease and desist with the reps...


  1. I like the repeat for one minute thing. I'm going to do that; I still have today's kettlebell workout pending, and I'm not feeling enthusiastic. Maybe a little change will be good.

    What are the recent incidents? I feel bad that I don't know, but there seem to be so darned many horrible things happening lately, I can't isolate in my memory anything specific to your area.

    1. Let me know if you try the minute circuits...

      The incidents weren't newsworthy but did involve encroachment that left someone rattled.

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