Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Rough Plan

Got several emails about climbing. The rough plan was 9:00 a.m. Yoga Under The Arch. Some folks would hit the climbing gym around 10 and others around 10:30.

The likelihood of me making it under the Arch at 9 was very slim but you never know...

I wake up in phases since I often go to sleep with the TV on despite having a timer. I woke up and watched Lester and Jenna participate in the new line dancing craze on The Today Show then propped myself up to read The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga.

Went to the basement, rolled out my mat and tried to lift up into wheel pose. The book ended up being by the scale and I weighed myself despite making a decision to stay off the scale for a day. I was not satisfied with the number and I already knew that I wouldn't be...

Drank my smoothie (almond milk, banana, unsweetened cocoa, flax seeds, peanut butter powder, ice cubes) clipped my fingernails, got my gear and headed to the gym.

I didn't see anyone that I knew and waited a bit before I put on my unforgiving shoes. I'm pretty sure that I've been stood up by four people so I gear up and hit the auto-belay. I climb, get water. I climb again. Get water.

It's been a long year week and the tears come. I rubbed my eye and dislodged my contact and, of course, I didn't have any contact solution plus I had a little chalk on my hand. I grabbed a paper towel and placed the contact on the brown paper, washed my hands and hoped for the best.

As I exited the bathroom, I am invited to climb by two women.
Me to Tanya: I thought you looked familiar. Are you David's friend?
 D...: We are David's friends.
So Davel...I can't remember how to pronounce or spell her name put the first part is pronounced like navel put starts with a D...and Tanya chatted with me for a while. They made it to Yoga Under the Arch and expected to see David and Jessica but didn't.

Not too longer after that, the pair walked in. They totally overslept...

I passed by a guy and recognized a tattoo. It was Ryan.
Ryan: You only recognized my tattoo?
Me: Well you look different.
Ryan: I have hair.
Ryan said that while he still felt like he had the coordination for climbing, he was out of shape. He hadn't really climbed in three years and he weighs 25 pounds more than he used to and he says it's such a difference  carrying more weight up the wall. Tell me about it, brother...

How I Recognized Ryan
More of Ryan's Tattoo 
Jessica Working On a 5.10 Route
Before Jessica and David appeared, I was going to cut out but I'm glad that I didn't. I felt pretty good on the wall even though I botched more routes than I care to remember but I stuck with everything -- even the last route when I felt my energy wane and my fingertips smart... Jessica reminded me to use my legs and behind more...

Trisha's Rat Tattoo*

I felt good after climbing and enjoyed the way my body moved. On my post-climbing walk, I am reminded of an important lesson -- to not let my mind write stories...

Such A Divine Fragrance That I Walked By Twice

*Trisha co-taught the lead climbing class that I took eons ago.

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