Monday, May 20, 2013

Taking Out The Knee

Move her back, Mike told me as he demonstrated a side kick...1-2-3-4...knee...3-4 maneuver. And it was fun moving Michelle back once I got into a good rhythm.

One of my favorite sequences of the night was a simple right (roundhouse), left (roundhouse) and back kick. My hips didn't quite agree with me though.

At the end of class, Mike showed us a self-defense move. Taking out the knee is vital. He told us that if we didn't kick the knee the first time to keep trying then told us again that the knee is the key.

I immediately thought about yoga and how we are told to be careful with the knees. During tree pose, we are told to put our foot anywhere except for on the knee. I've also heard to not torque the knee etc. so it makes perfect sense to take out the knee if someone is attacking you.

Mike asked us to read a poster on the wall -- the one with blood dripping down it -- with an excerpt from a David Baldacci novel whenever we have time...

I stretched immediately after boxing. Otherwise, there are consequences. I also pulled out Cathe's Stretch Max when I got home because I am now copycatting Gingerzingi. I chose stretch routine three that incorporates a resistance band.

I see why Gingerzingi calls it a bondage scarf. I felt hog-tied during the quadriceps stretch but being in that position was amazing.  I kind of got lost during the process of stretching my forearms. It took my mind a while to get with the program as far as positioning the resistance band.

After stretching I wondered why I don't do it more often but yoga takes care of a lot of my stretching needs but I like variety and I also like "10 minute" solutions so I'm going to stretch on my non-yoga days.

Oh yeah, totally dug the pink and burgundy outfits that Cathe and her crew had on.


  1. Ha ha, yes I know exactly which the "hog-tied" position is!

    She does something very complicated with looping the scarf for the forearm stretch, it's hard to figure out what she's doing - and nothing exotic is needed, you just stick your hand in the loop! Which is what she ends up with, anyway.

    Let me know how you like the Ball Stretch, that's my fave.

  2. Thanks for the forearm stretch tip because mimicking what Cathe did was not working for me. I'm surprised that I didn't pop myself with the resistance band...