Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How I Spent My Tuesday

Came home from work, ate a few apple slices, put on sunscreen and headed out the door.

When I returned from walking, picked up yard debris and heard the subtle motion of water. My neighbor was in his new pool floating around in a plastic chaise longue. It's swimming day but my pool is closed for renovation.

I contemplated offering my neighbor a cold beverage so that I could float as well. Instead, I took the trash container to the curb then went inside to eat.

At some point, I moved my dinner bowl away from my legs, read the introduction of a book that just arrived then went prone. I got cold but could not be bothered to get under the covers. Stayed in the same position for almost two hours...

Think that I go TKO'd by the heat. Even though the humidity was low, we went from light jacket weather to 93 degrees.

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  1. This is going to be a rough transition for a lot of people - as you say, light-jacket to full-on summer overnight. We start today: it's going to be 87. Now I'll finally get out of my winter jammies.

    Maybe you could "happen" to walk by the neighbor in your swim suit with something attractive in your hand, like a six-pack.

  2. LOL about the suit and six-pack...

    Yeah, I just gave up my winter jammies too. I'm sure that pollen was a contributing factor to yesterday's knockout as well. Good luck in your area...