Monday, July 15, 2013

Bringing It

There are six of us in the summer two session of kickboxing and I miss the energy of 15 plus people but Anika brings a lot of energy and Lori brings it too. In fact, if you're lollygagging, Dawn will by your side in no time.

I thought about going for a walk after boxing but the humidity was too much for me.

Can't Stand The Humidity

Popped Stretch Max into the DVD to relax more than anything else. With my abdomen on the stability ball and my arms around the ball, I got into the relaxed zone. Does that mean that a relaxed back equals a relaxed mind?

Cooked before kickboxing. Sometimes I have to drag myself into the kitchen but when I get there, I'm entranced by colors and smells plus satisfied that I know what's going into the pot. 

Pot Fodder

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