Monday, July 22, 2013

Cranking Power or Lack Thereof

We had stations at boxing class. Liked it. Entire circuit lasted about 10 minutes:

50 Jump Rope Rotations
25 Bicycles
25 Push-ups

Roundhouse Kick (5 per leg)
Side Kick
Push Back Kick
"Karate Kid" Kick

Repeat circuit until 10 minutes are up...

We did the stations a couple of times then paired up. Since there were an odd number of folks, I ended up with Mike who is the co-teacher and I hope to one day hit as hard as Mike. 

After class, stopped by the store to get bananas and an avocado. Car didn't seem like it was cranking like it should and made a mental note to get it checked out. Made one more detour to go to the gas station. As I waited at the light, saw a car that looked like my aunt's and she had, indeed, crossed the border to get cheaper Missouri gas. 

Filled up and turned the key and the car tried to turn over but didn't. At the suggestion of my mother, cleaned the terminals and removed enough corrosion to get the car started. Took it to The Zone and it didn't test well. Left the Zone around 9. It's been a longer day than I expected.

Frank, Under The Hood

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