Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mind Tending

Been fantasizing about moving to Dancing Rabbit and living off the grid or going to the forest -- whichever location is closer.

I contemplated skipping yoga but knew that I needed to tend to my mind. Jen gave us a lot of cooling postures so it turned out to be a calming practice. During savasana, the door opened. I had been in the zone up until that point. Good thing that Jen talked about the yogic principle of non-violence during class...

Rolled up my mat and headed to the pool. As I walked by, this girl wanted to know if I owned the pool and if I was going to swim. She also wanted to know what time the pool closed. Once she got my answer, she told the adult that she was with that there was still time to swim. We need more time to dry off was the response she got...

Swimming was such a pleasure. Perfect water temperature. Interesting cloud formations. Deeply green trees. I swam for about twenty minutes. It was all about quality today.


  1. I think that Dancing Rabbit place was on an episode of 30 Days. Love the idea; too lazy to live it.

    Good news: all 3 DVDs work. I think I'm really going to like those 10 minute workouts - whether I only do one or do them together like a BodyPump workout. Sometimes I need someone to tell me what to do and not have to think about it.

  2. You're right about Dancing Rabbit. "Off the Grid" is one of my favorite episodes. I don't know if I have enough stamina for that lifestyle either...

    Glad that the DVDs work and hope that you find something to your liking.