Saturday, July 20, 2013

If You Think...

Worked half a day and by the time I finished with errands, the weather went from sticky to stormy. I, reluctantly, took off my swimming suit put on other gear, grabbed my umbrella and headed out to walk.

For some reason, impending rain makes me think of that scene in The Color Purple when a boy says to Harpo -- It's gonna rain on your head.

Thinking of Alice Walker made me think of Gwendolyn Brooks' The Mother poem: is the truth to be said?
You were born, you had a body, you died...
Brooks led me to Lucille Clifton's Good Times:
oh children think about the
good times
And good times made me think about the evening that I had with Hazira and Rabija.

H & R somehow reminded me of the Syrian intern whose stomach has been in knots and who said When you live in a dangerous country... And even though it's been an unbelievably violent June and July in this area, she was not talking about this country.

I read 11 Ways to Have Your Best Summer Yet on earlier in the day. Number six: take a nature walk...

I often feel connected

and grounded when I take walks and today was no different but I wasn't totally grounded because my throat felt totally constricted at one point...

What truth needs to be said???

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