Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nice Rhythm

Not exactly outdoor swimming weather but I remembered that my indoor pool was slated to open on July 1st. Would they defy the odds and finish remodeling on time? A quick look online answered my question.

Got to the pool and it wasn't crowded. The usual cast of characters were present including Chatty Kathleen who told me that she had somehow managed (with her bad back) to survive the closure.

After completing a couple of laps, Kathleen told me that she could hear the rhythm of my swimming and that it was a nice rhythm.

After that, Gloria Estefan's song entered and got stuck in my head.


  1. Wow, look at those temperatures! It's been unusually cool here too, but that means it hasn't climbed much into the 90s yet. Not that I'm complaining. Glad you have your pool back.

  2. Thanks...The pool was such a treat. :)

    I have a feeling that I'll have to switch between the indoor and outdoor pools but I'm not complaining either. I can get my groove on at either one.