Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Week's Episode of Yoga Class

Jen was having contractions every thirty minutes in last week's episode of yoga class. Still, she showed us how to check our downward facing dog alignment by getting into DFD and smoothly transitioning into plank -- full belly and all.

I had a gut feeling that Jen would not be in class even though the online scheduling system had not been changed to sub status and braced myself as I walked into the studio.

Despite being spotted at another studio yesterday, Jen had to throw in the towel for tonight's class.

Jen is totally into yoga -- with every fiber of her being -- and is a hard act to follow for sure. All trees are different, Kelly said as she talked about options for tree pose. Different teacher, different class and different me who walked in with a more receptive mind than I would have a few years ago.

Somewhere in Dunedin, Fl


  1. How dare she have a baby and disrupt your yoga practice! :-) Hope Kelly works out for you.

    Did you discover yet what truth needs to be told? Your throat chakra post was very interesting.

  2. Re: the chakra post, haven't discovered the whole truth yet and I was definitely in an interesting mood...