Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Eightieth Swing

The only things, activity-wise, that I've enjoyed this week have been yoga and swimming. Boxing is always good for letting go of Monday tension but I wasn't all the way present. I'd rather forget the climbing outing and, 15 minutes before kettlebell class, I still had doubts about whether to attend. In the end, though, I know that I have regrets when I don't move my body.

Kettlebell class was to the point -- for me at least.

We warmed up then picked up our 'bells. Two-hand, one hand, hand-to-hand, snatch, clean and press, around-the-body with a catch, around-the-body without a catch, squat-curl-press-triceps extension. Floor work included: overhead press, floor press and ab work.

We did two minutes of push-ups, lunges and squats.

I went easy on the lunges and squats as I would like my knee to continue getting better.

At some point, we did 100 two-hand swings. None of us stopped swinging because I think no one wanted to lose momentum. I looked at the clock and it took, roughly, three minutes. Around the eightieth swing, I could feel the burn somewhere between my biceps and triceps.

Marisa got inspired after she saw me using the high pull to work my way up to a snatch. So, we worked on the high pull and we also worked on the Turkish Get-up which we haven't done in ages. Chip whined all the way through the Get-up and marveled that I was able to punch the kettlebell into the air so "effortlessly" but I marvel at Chip when he does push-ups; he has perfect form. Just goes to show you that people really do have different strengths.

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