Saturday, July 27, 2013


Had a two hour meeting yesterday. Usually, end of the week p.m. meetings find me dragging but the speaker held my attention. I liked it when he said that his personal mission statement is bigger than his company's mission statement. I was also captivated by his frequent use of the phrase I would like to encourage... It's kind of the in phrase but...

Agreed to pick up Hazira after work and we headed to a new-ish restaurant that was featured on Groupon. Love the name -- Hot Pot Smoothie. Also dug Janice Scherer's art. When I come into money and reduce my hoard, I plan to acquire more art.

After picking up our "hot pots," we headed to an independent coffee shop. The combination of good food and coffee was enough to make me moan and I definitely plan to return to Hot Pot Smoothie.

Udon Noodles, Chicken, Spinach, Peppers...Mmmm

Later on, Hazira and I watched Modern Family -- the fourth episode, Our Children, Ourselves, of season two just might be my favorite. It's the episode with the homeless Reiki master. So funny. It doesn't take much to make me happy...

Woke up and turned on the TV. They were doing makeovers or something on The Today Show and it seems that adding hair moves so many people. Additional hair is something that I have very little interest in but what I did notice was an audience member (with more hair) who had on a LOVED shirt

I want that shirt.

I often think that if I want something as my epitaph, it would be that line from Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon: And she was loved! Even though it still surprises me when people like me, I do feel loved... a lot.

Did my usual Saturday morning bed-dwelling, then lifted my bike out of the basement. Such a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

As I sat on the bench reading a book sample, this family walked by and a little girl in a stroller noticed the group of people by the building with a lot of windows and asked Where's the bride?

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