Monday, July 8, 2013

Moving In The Right Direction

Headed out the door in my flimsy flip flops and thought about how my sparring partner, Michelle, says that being barefoot is the best part of the boxing workout.

Being barefoot also feels good during yoga practice, Sleek Sculpt express and willPower and Grace.

I've seen people swing kettlebells without shoes but I don't feel that lucky. A bottle of vanilla flavor landed on my big toe and knocked skin off. Painful. So, no thanks to kettlebell without shoes...

Two Ounces of Pain

It was all about bags in boxing -- no partners needed. Theresa told me Nice kicks as I connected solidly with the bag time and again. Dawn, the instructor, thought I was inspired because she was standing behind the bag but I just like roundhouse kicks; it has nothing to do with holding a grudge against Dawn for giving us impossible sequences to remember.

Dawn Holding My Favorite Red Bag

The best thing about kicking was that my knee felt solid. Not a hundred percent but definitely moving in that direction.


  1. Yet another vanilla extract-related injury! When will our do-nothing Congress finally take a stand?!

  2. Ha-ha...

    It really is the little things that get you.