Monday, April 27, 2015

Boss Me About

It's my third straight day of yoga and I can't help but think of Gingerzingi and her recent stare down with it.

Went to the Earth Day Festival yesterday and it was like a yogi's paradise with classes starting at 11 until 5. The space, close to the Muny's main stage, was beautiful and aptly named the Yoga Buzz Zen Den. The weather was perfect.

The Zen Den

Earth Day Weather

I had planned to attend two classes with Alison and asked her which combination of classed looked good to her. Just boss me about Alison finally wrote so I made the call only to miss the first class because I underestimated how may people would be at the festival and had a 20 minute walk to get to the Zen Den.

I arrived about five minutes after class started and debated about whether or not to go in. It wasn't a studio but still. Hit the Kindle ap on my iPod and picked back up on Open Your Heart. So I read about yoga while I waited for yoga.

What I Was Not Doing, Acro Yoga, While I Waited
Cursed many times during practice tonight. Did strength training days ago and my armpits are still tender. Chatu who? I struggled and felt a tinge of regret for not staying at home.

After savasana Joy started talking the talk. You are you. You are uniquely you. You matter... And about yoga: Head stand is not the goal. Serenity is the goal. Balance is the goal. It was exactly what I needed to hear.


  1. "Balance is the goal." See, that's why yoga is cool. If I could just lie on the floor and listen to the instructor say those things, without having to bend my body around, then I would like yoga.

  2. I didn't do very much bending during that session. Embracing my inner lazy yogi of late.