Friday, April 10, 2015

Word Of The Day

Stopped by Rooster after work yesterday and got a veggie burger. After exiting saw a familiar face who could have been one of two people. Cocked my head and not sure if I stared but Lizzie stopped. Where do I know you from? she asked.

I know Lizzie from outdoor yoga and I immediately started thinking about restoration and Qigong.

Lizzie's aura is full of yummy energy and when I stepped into her energy field, I got an immediate buzz.

Love yummy energy. Is there a bumper sticker with that on it?

I've been doing retreat research and even thought about grabbing one of those Chicago Biggest Loser Resort Groupons. Expensive... If I were to go on a retreat, Omega and Kripalu would be high on my list though.

At any rate, found some interesting things in my research. Saw this article about 25 Minutes of Silence and would love* to try it out with a group of people. Would also love to participate in a day long retreat. Love the concept. Maybe I'll develop my own version.

Some other things that I loved today:

*Getting an email with this signature: Have a ridiculously amazing day.

*Reading Anne Lamott's "Everyone Is Screwed Up, Broken, Clingy and Scared"

2. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

9. Food: Try to do a little better.
The 'Fugee borrowed stamps from me and returned them today. I really like the stamps. I knew that you would  said the 'Fugee.

*Guess love is my word for the day.



  2. LOL

    It is embarrassing when you forget to try the "turn it off" option first.