Monday, April 20, 2015

What You're Not Supposed To Do

Walk Eye Candy
Was on Twitter at 11:30-ish p.m. -- exactly what you're not supposed to be doing at that time.

Anyway, saw It's A Downward Dog Eat Downward World. Kind of funny. Kind of not. There are small incidences in my area and I know it wouldn't be funny if I had to deal with this kind of situation on a regular basis. Glad that I don't have to resort to "desperate pre-class moves." Although, the double workouts might not be such a bad thing...

As I walked home from work, listened to Ski, Poe, Spa and Towers. Didn't finish it but when the storyteller in "...Poe" talks about being recruited for caretaker and docent for The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, it reminded me of my father who didn't really know what to think of poetry but loved to recite Annabel Lee. It also reminded me how my father liked Danny Boy. Funny what triggers memories...

I'm still tripping off of a CBS Sunday Morning segment about Kate Mulgrew. When I watched season one of Orange Is The New Black, her face had a certain familiarity but I had no idea that she was the Star Trek woman or that she's been acting for 40 years! Guess it was easy to get past my radar since I haven't watched much Star Trek. It was intense listening to Mulgrew talk about how she was urged to give up her baby for adoption then regretted the decision just days later.

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