Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Imagining A Fountain

Told my aunt Girt the price, $15, of a replacement case for the Fitbit and the price of the device and she was shocked by the $99 dollar price tag.

Well, not only is my Fitbit case in tatters but my Fitbit is not doing well. I've been troubleshooting with the Fitbit team but no luck so far. I'm considering a Garmin Vivofit as a replacement. I miss tracking my steps. I'm intrigued by the waterproof spec on the Vivofit.

This is day three of a staycation. I was butting up against too much vacation time again. St. Louis was making me feel claustrophobic and I wanted to get out of town but it wasn't in the cards...

Went to Rebecca's yoga class. You know what they say: be careful what you ask for.

Rebecca had us start out with our legs crossed. She then asked us to connect our index fingers with thumbs while placing our palms upright on our knees.
Imagine you're a fountain, she said. The breath moves from the tailbone, up the back and out the head -- overflowing. 
Imagining a fountain was a very gentle and relaxing way to begin class but that's were the gentleness stopped.

Survived Rebecca's class then headed to Alison's for crepes. Post-crepes, sat on the porch and finished reading Open Your Heart while Alison put more plants in the ground and watered others...

Crepe One

Crepe Three

The Water

Found this article about New Yorkers and walking interesting.


  1. Did Alison make those crepes? Why don't I have a friend like Alison.

  2. Yes, Alison made the crepes. :)

    She is super kind and hospitable and I totally wish that you had a friend like her or that a friend like her will come your way.