Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Humor Me

Walked into the locker room and the grandmother of the child who takes swimming lessons asked him, after he emerged from the bathroom, if he wanted to use soap then congratulated him on being a big boy after he rinsed his hands off with water...

When I walked over to lane one, one of the youth swim coaches said Give me 50 and when you're done, you'll be mad at me but I'll be gone. Swimming humor?

Wish that I could do 50 laps in one hour.

My mind was quite chatty tonight. Took 18 laps for things to quiet down which was funny because I'd read Spring Cleaning Your Life as I leaned on the bed after work.

3. Let go of your stories. If you need to get something off your chest, choose one person with whom to share your complaint or fear. Then, let it go. Don't continue to tell the negative stories over and over.
Speaking of stories, did anyone else get teary-eyed about this CEO's decision?


  1. Remember when Ben & Jerry's used to have a rule limiting the difference between the lowest paid and highest paid worker? I always thought that made so much sense. If the company is doing well, why shouldn't some of those profits go to the people doing the work? Of course, in capitalism the profits go to investors, not workers...

    I like the thing about not repeating negative stories. I spend to much time dwelling on the bad stuff and not enough on the good.

  2. Somehow didn't realize that about Ben & Jerry's but just finished reading "9 Reasons To Love Ben & Jerry's..." Makes me want to go out and by a pint...

    Re: negative stories and not repeating them, I'll take all the reminders that I can get.

  3. By all means get some B&J if you want, but afaik, they don't do that thing with wages any more. I guess when the amounts of money get big enough, principles go out the window...

  4. The B & J won't taste as good now...