Saturday, April 25, 2015

Other Clovers

Yesterday was my 15th anniversary at work. Of course, I didn't spend all 5,475 days behind my desk since I only worked the occasional Saturday. Plus, I got days off for good behavior.

The 'Fugee got me a bouquet as did the Spanish-speaking cleaner. I also got a gift  bag with Chobani, a mango and blueberries.

It's been even busier at work than it usually is but I often joke that I have a 12th man so even when it's supremely hectic, I feel like I have key people on my side. Still, my soul looks back in wonder. I remember a note that a former colleague wrote -- What some people do and still stay sane...

My 15th anniversary didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked for it to have gone. It was as if it was someone's mission to sabotage the occasion but as someone told me on Friday: This too shall pass.

Got up this morning and went to a health festival. Hit the 10:00 a.m. yoga class led by Yoga BuzzYB a.k.a. Elle does a lot of events at breweries. She's reaching out to people who might not come to a traditional yoga class and she often mentions accessibility and there's nothing more that I love than accessible yoga.

We practiced with Motown in the background and I found a four-leaf clover right in front of my mat. I even pushed aside other clovers just to make sure that I wasn't seeing what I wanted to see.

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