Thursday, April 2, 2015


My colleague walked over and said My condolences on your plant.

When I heard the "c" word it confused me at first then my face fell. I felt bad about the African Violet...

The Spanish-speaking cleaner told me that she was going to replace the plant. Came back from lunch the next day and my eyes fell on the new soil and umbrella-like leaves and that made me smile...

The Replacement
Literally stopped for this situation on the way to work.

Fixed my DVD issue. It wasn't the RF modulator but frayed A\V cable wires. It's nice to have my DVD player back since it's good for rainy days. I appreciated the Hoopla alternative but the small tablet screen was getting on my nerves...

It started to rain minutes before I was scheduled to leave work. Waited until there was a lull and noticed my car-less coworker. Offered to take him home because I've been keeping my bike rack in the car but he pooh-poohed the idea and "in a twinkling" he was gone.

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