Thursday, April 16, 2015

Never Too Much

Spent most of yesterday trying to work a wicked tweak out of my shoulder. Felt like a tight fist was lodged underneath my scapula. Kept thinking that I would pay someone to resolve the tightness in my shoulder but since there's no massage therapist hotline, I did arm circles, downward facing dog etc. Later on in the day, popped Cathe's Stretch Max into the DVD and that helped a lot.

Not sure if it was the stretching at the end of the day or the relatively quiet evening spent reading Everything I Never Told You and drinking green tea or a combination of both but I slept well and felt really rested this morning.

The pack rat a.k.a. me went through my iPod pictures because I remember snapping a photo of this little piece about downward facing dog and the amygdala. I have no clue where this article was published and can't find it via Google. I would love to read the whole thing in its entirety even though I don't need to but that's me. I should have been a researcher of something since I like to look up stuff and one reference is never enough for me...


  1. I saw a good article on yoga on the Health At Every Size website:

  2. Thanks for sharing the article which is really nice. Makes me want to do sonething special for my upcoming yoga anniversary.