Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday, Monday

Morning Walk Eye Candy
At last week's climbing session, Patti invited Will and me to join her family for a Paleo Easter Brunch. Will inquired about pancakes and Patti explained that they don't do pancakes but told him that he could bring pancakes if he wanted to.

Will looked at me...That's probably a faux pas to bring pancakes when people aren't having them, right?

Also got an invitation from Alison for crepes. Didn't end up going to Patti's or Alison's but it was nice to be invited...

More Candy...
Went to yoga and I could feel that the class was longer than an hour. Joy talked about staying in the present moment because there's fear etc. when you think about the future and shame and regret when you linger on the past... Not gonna lie -- thought about how much of the NCAA Championship I'd be able to catch... Got home just in time for the last 20 minutes...

Love this quote that Oprah Magazine shared on Twitter today.

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