Sunday, April 12, 2015

That Feeling...

Was catching up with a former coworker when she said When I was hit by a bus...I stopped her and asked for clarification.

She told me that her accident made the news because she was hit and walked away but she also talked about how people made snide comments online about her having bumpers etc.

She also told me how she'd gained 40 pounds and I immediately thought that if you are hit by a bus, you can gain as much weight as you want but I could tell it was bothering her and I acknowledged her story about the pounds -- the weight loss dance, the lack of confidence, the feeling of dowdiness and the unintentional downsizing of one's wardrobe.

In addition to PT, my former coworker is also doing yoga but she's having a hard time getting into it and understanding verbiage like pulling in your lower ribs...

Saturday was sweet. Took my time getting up, cooked pancakes then headed to Zumba at 10:40-ish. We had a sub -- a newbie who was reserved in such a cute way. I understood half of what she said but her routines were good and I loved it when she wanted us to join in with some refrain and said Come on, help me out.

After class I thanked Alison again for my cool cacti gift that she had given me before we headed into Zumba. Try killing those she said.

Photo Credit: The Talented Mrs. Alison


  1. I love the fabric cacti! Even you can't kill those. So pretty.

    I actually "get" a lot of the yoga instructions, because it's so similar to belly dancing, which I used to do when I was younger. You need to develop a body awareness to move parts of your body while not moving other parts. Of course, *understanding* is not the same as being able to *do*.

  2. Still can't believe that I killed that violet. I'll let Alison know that you like her cacti...

    Hope that I will have a better understanding of yoga instructions at some point. I have a belly dancing DVD that I haven't tried but you've inspired me to give it a try.