Saturday, April 4, 2015

Joy Would Let Me In

Decisions, Decis
Barely made it to FriYay! yoga on time. Had a conversation with several coworkers about Lona's and left later than planned. The traffic seemed extra heavy and the lights extra long. All the time, though, I knew that Joy would let me in if I were late. Still, I don't like to be late...

My balance was off and I seemed to find many things funny. When Joy said that you could do uttanasana by the water cooler, I laughed and laughed because I imagined Rosie, who also struggled to get to FriYay! on time, and myself executing uttanasana and I also thought about the 'Fugee who put the kibosh on my stability ball at work. People already think you're interesting as it is, she said. Doing uttanasana in a common area would just seal the deal.

Joy also talked about how, in this frenetic world, being calm is like a superpower. I laughed at that too even though I know it's a superpower that I possess.

Rosie and I headed to Lona's after yoga. Only, Lona's is small and the joint was packed so we headed to Lulu's and had Buddha bowls. Rosie used her chopsticks and I did not even ask for any.

After Lulu's, Rosie said she felt like having tea. I felt like having coffee. We wandered into a gelato place where we got gelato. Rosie also got chai but I didn't have room for anything after my Mayan chocolate/tiramisu combo.

Looked at Rosie's pictures from a recent trip and when I got to pictures of the Great Wall of China couldn't help but think of Karl from "An Idiot Abroad" -- It's not a great wall. It's just an okay wall.

Wouldn't mind seeing the giant Buddha and doing Tai Chi in the park.

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