Sunday, May 27, 2012

Always Ready for Child's Pose

Not only did I sleep until almost noon yesterday but I also couldn't keep my eyes open past 10:30. I slept so much that I didn't have a problem making it to kettlebell class this a.m. where Marisa went for the soft kill. Instead of 10 minute circuits, she threw five minute ones at us with the same result: a beat down a very good workout.

Marisa showed us some burpee trifecta situation. You do a burpee, squat thruster and something else.

Marisa: How did you like that?

Me: Anything that starts with burpee is not good.

Marisa: I like burpees.

Me: Freak...
Kinda regretted saying freak but I think Marisa knew that I was joking...

I love it when Barbara goes into child's pose during a break; it looks so inviting. I told Barbara that it made me think of one of my yoga instructors who said, "When you're ready to go into child's pose..." When I'm ready? I'm always ready for child's pose...

Marisa showed me how to do the high pull and I'm definitely going to need more practice. I think about stuff way too much and hesitation doesn't work with the high pull.

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