Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Week Without Yoga

I know it's hard to believe since I yack about yoga all the time now and, yet, the last time that I practiced was last Wednesday. Remind me not to do that again.

While I stood in mountain at the beginning of class, the sweat started pouring. No problem, I get water in my ear all the time when I swim...

As Cindy instructed us to lift our toes, I kept thinking raise your toes in the air and get grounded like you just don't care. Corny, I know but I felt grounded.

Cindy is a big proponent of leaving your worries on the doorstep. Love it. She always gives you the option of picking your worries back up, say, in the lobby if you want them after class. No thank you. I'd rather leave them and start with a worry-free slate and if something makes me fret again, as it surely will, I can start the process over and over until I become superb at staying centered.

At one point, we raised our hands and clasped them together and my hands felt like prunes. I could hardly stand to have them together. My hands have never felt like that in hot yoga before and I did get a bit dehydrated but I checked myself (as Cindy suggested) before I wrecked myself and got acquainted with savasana.

Lucky for me, my car is like a convenience store. I finished off my water then downed a 16 oz container of Honest tea. I also downed a chocolate Clif Kids bar.

I had enough energy to go to Aldi to pick up a watermelon and bananas. The sticker came off the watermelon and the clerk pointed out that it was a seedles watermelon; the grammar police would be pleased.

As I entered my house, I started singing Teddy Pendergrass' Love TKO. Yeah, that's pretty much how things went down tonight but I'm glad that I got back on the mat and that I left a few worries behind.

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