Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Broke Back Yogi

I felt punch-drunk before Hot Yoga on Saturday but tonight was a different story. I felt stronger which still didn't stop the pre-game chatter.

I went to put my mat in the room and it was so hot. I know what you're thinking -- it's Hot Yoga -- but some days it's hotter than others and there's nothing like more heat to test your stamina.

After we finished with extended side angle pose, Cindy gave a direction of mountain pose to the left which made me think of pilots who point out the Grand Canyon: Folks, if you look to your right, you'll see the North Rim...And the teacher is the pilot. We even had a co-pilot, Jeremy, who helped rearrange the full house before Cindy got in the room.

There was one really cool moment in class when we lifted into cobra and the whole class inhaled at the same time. It was so sweet.

Cindy's mantra tonight was get out of your head. Right around bow pose, I was all in my head continuing the chit chat that started before I even stepped into the studio. Cindy piped in with get rid of whatever thought that just popped into your head. So, I got rid of it because, really, it's one pose and when I can do it better, I will...Plus, as Jeremy has said, it's a practice...

After class this woman looked at me then looked at me again and I could tell that she wanted to have one of those Whew, that was hard...I have a love/hate relationship with Hot Yoga conversations. I don't even remember her intro chatter but she got around to saying that she had broken her back last year. At least two of us were like whoa. She lifted up her shirt to show us the scars.

Me: Do you mind if I ask you how you broke your back?

Woman: I fell fifteen feet from a zip line. But it's all good now...

You know the moral of this story, right? No zip lines. Just kidding. You don't need a zip line to break things...

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  1. I love your post titles, they always make me smile!

    I broke my toe yesterday. Coincidence?

  2. Awesome! The stories that you hear about how much yoga has helped people will blow your mind, huh? I got a message from a guy the other day who has eliminated the need for brain surgery. He attributes much of his healing to his yoga practice. It's amazingly powerful stuff!

  3. @gingerzingi,

    You made me smile until...I got to the toe part. Ouch. Hope it heals quickly.


    It is awesome. :)