Friday, May 25, 2012

Stuff Reiki Masters Say

Seating Area Outside of RM's Office
I looked at the available schedule of the LMT/Reiki Master* that I had a group coupon for and realized that I was days away from letting not just one but two group coupons expire. I had gotten the one coupon for bodywork almost a year ago when I first went gaga over acupressure.

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted a shiatsu or reiki treatment but the bodyworker helped me to decide. She also said that so many people had not read what the deal actually offered so she decided to mix up the sessions. When she mentioned massage, I smiled at the unexpected surprise.

 I told her that my gut said to go with shiatsu and that I had experienced reiki during a massage and she said that reiki is usually offered as an add-on of sorts and, for full sessions, she usually does reiki for people who are in pain with arthritis or for people who might find it hard to tolerate touch.

For my session, I went with half an hour of shiatsu and half an hour of massage.

When she started the massage part, she said that my neck was horribly tight and, if she had known that it was so tight, she would have worked on my neck and shoulders for the entire time. She even mentioned the 'c' word -- chiropractor and wanted to know if I had a headache. While I did not have a full blown headache, I was headachy. She wanted to stretch my neck and for me to breathe deeply as she did it.  I was supposed to blow out the breath like a hurricane but since I do so much yoga now, my instinct is to inhale and exhale through my nose............... Couple that with the fact that I have a habit of holding my breath and it's a recipe for some jacked up breathing. She couldn't believe how puny my deep breath efforts were...

My half and half session was relaxing. I don't think that I would devote an entire hour to shiatsu though. The bodyworker's space was warmly decorated, an oasis in fact. The music that she played was very relaxing. I've heard some questionable relaxation CDs but her choice was impeccable. Loved the subtle insect and bird sounds...

When the Reiki Master entered the room, she told me that my only job was to relax. You've already helped enough today, she said. The problem that I have with bodywork and the gorgeous rooms that the work takes place in is that I never want to come out.

*I love the title of Reiki Master...


  1. Reiki Master is a pretty good title!

    Sounds like the massage was needed! Isn't it nice when someone tells you that you can stop helping for one rare moment?

  2. It is nice and it was like I had been waiting for someone to tell me that for a while...I wanted to say "Thanks Reiki Master for making exhalation possible." :)