Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Have You Had Your Plus Sign Today?

As I did the backstroke the other day, I kept thinking the drishti is on...but I couldn't really remember where my gaze was supposed to be but it was funny that I thought about yoga while in the water.

I got an email from Swim Outlet advertising their extended line of yoga wear. At first, I wondered why Swim  Outlet would have a line of yoga attire but I quickly remembered how I am much better at streamlining after I've practiced yoga.

I like post-pool droplets which remind me of the St. Louis Blues' commercial Do you bleed blue? I also like how the arch of my arm is in line with the arch of the ceiling...

No droplets tonight just sweating rolling like a leaky faucet and no question about where my drishti should be.

Right before class, I talked to this woman who had been in Korea teaching English and she hadn't experienced a hot yoga class in a year and was curious to see what American hot yoga had to offer. I encouraged her to put her mat in the room but she was waiting for friends. Korea's friend showed up with two containers of water because the third friend forgets things. Simple gestures like water for a friend are so cool.

As we got acquainted with chair fierce pose, Cindy  said Let's get nice and comfy. Trust me, those are not words you want to hear out of your yoga instructor's mouth during fierce pose because it's hard to get comfy when you are the chair. As I tried to keep myself grounded and keep my biceps by my ears, I thought about Prince's Positivity lyrics: hold on to your soul....gotta long way to go...

So, Cindy said that she would make me an eye bag which was cool in and of itself but she also delivered it quickly and accompanied by Epsom Salt with lavender. I wish that you could smell this situation -- talk about aromatherapy, wow...I've said thanks to Cindy but it seems like such a small word for how touched I feel.

Savasana, here I come...


  1. Always seeking comfort....whether in chair pose...or with an eye pillow! Get comfy! :)

  2. Hmmmm, comfort and chair pose in the same sentence. Try as I might, it's a challenge to get comfortable in chair...and forearm plank.

    Actually, I have been getting more comfortable with forearm plank. Yay! :)