Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to Boxing

I’m still thinking about the Hot Yoga beat down that Bridget administered on Saturday mainly because my hamstrings and triceps are speaking to me but also because it was such a consummate thrashing...

I was excited to get back to boxing after a two week hiatus. We were odd-numbered so I was in a group of three. Lee told us to take turns but a few seconds later, I saw him heading in my direction with training mitts and it was the first genuine moment of lightheartedness happiness that I experienced all day. I could feel my face turn upward and my eyes light up.

Jab. Jab. Cross. Left Hook. Slip to the right. Cross. Left Hook. I made the mitts pop….

I’ve also made peace with shadowboxing. You know, whatever it takes to warm up and get the boxing gloves on.

After boxing, I headed to yoga where I experienced my second moment of happiness. Donna had us lift our arms and do surrender breaths and whenever we do surrender breaths, we usually say “ha” at the end. Makes me smile every time.

We also did wide-angle downward facing dog. Donna said, The energy is in the back of the legs. Sure was. Prompted by Donna, I moved my hips to the right then to the left. How did Donna know that I needed wide-angle downward facing dog? Of course, we walked the dog and that felt good too.

A line of yogis left and, somehow, this guy got to the door right before the second wave. He patiently held the door open for what looked like an endless parade of yogis with varied colored mats. That gesture was such a nice end to the night.


  1. I would love to get back to any type of exercise, but currently I'm still resting until that magic day when I start feeling better.

  2. That made me chuckle but I know it's not funny.

    I hope that "your day" is on the horizon.