Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lift Up...Like a 747 or Best of the Hot Yoga Rules, Part II

Gratuitous Photo from Vacation Stash
Well, well, well. Guess who taught the 10 a.m. class? Don't think that I've ever seen Bridget at this time except for exiting the 8 a.m. class or participating in the 10. Plus, I've only been in her class once.

I knew it was going to be interesting from the get-go because we were a tiny group. There would be no place to hide blend in, for sure. When there's a small group, it's interesting to see what kind of energy will be created by the students and teacher. As for Bridget, she brought the funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk. I wanted to call her Crouching Tiger for the way she observed while squatting.

Before Hot Yoga class, I was still feeling out of sorts. I know, boo hoo. After class (deep breath), I felt exhausted but quite solid...Whether you're going through a tough class or a tough day, here are some words of wisdom from my Hot Yoga teachers.


Lift up like a 747...

(During Locust Pose)

Let's all move together. Swan dive...halfway up...flat back...

Everyone touch their toes...

(During a Yogi Sit-Up)

The face is soft...the face is soft...the body is working but the...face is soft

(Bridget's Mantra of Sorts)


Why do we do chair pose? Not just so we have strong legs but to warm up our major muscles...

Scoot that gooch.

(During Forward Fold...)

The hard part is here anyway.

(Near the end of our 90 minute session)


A part of yoga is unlocking the body's potential...

Ears hang out by biceps. Hands spread like roots.

(During Downward Facing Dog)

The breath allows you to move into these poses. You don't muscle your way into the poses.

Keep going and going and going and going... Jeremy's Energizer Bunny expectations during Half Moon Pose

Before you take a drink of water, before you readjust your shirt, before you..., look at your drishti in the mirror and get back in touch with your breathing.


Thumbs against the sternum for extra support.

(During Tree Pose)

Come into your expression of the pose.

(Val During the Second Round of Standing Head to Knee Pose)


  1. I wondered why I hadn't seen you lately! Well, this Saturday it will be the Cindy Show again as J will be at Kripalu. Hope to see you soon! :)

  2. Glad that I got to see you today since I won't be able to make it on Saturday.

    We should go to Kripalu with J...