Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back In The Day

Lots of new faces at boxing class yesterday. I forgot that it was a new session and with new sessions come new faces except for one new woman who looked familiar. I was pretty sure that she stood next to me on an elliptical when I used to do the elliptical thing -- back when I took a Women on Weights class and swimming lessons at the Y.

Do you remember me? she asked. I said Yes and she walked over with open arms. I do not remember her name but I do remember her jovialness and what she said when I told her about swimming lessons -- Oh, you're trying to work something out...

At the end of class, we worked on a self-defense move -- what to do if someone has you in a headlock. I told Michelle that we might want to reintroduce ourselves after we practiced headlock-releasing maneuvers...

Enjoyed my time at the pool tonight. The shortie that I thought was being traumatized has been enjoying his lessons. I had nature sounds to accompany me as I did laps since little man squawked like a parrot and otherwise voiced his pleasure at being in the water.

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