Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Live In A World That Has Mats

At the end of a challenging kettlebell circuit and after wondering why someone would invent a kettlebell, I collapsed on the floor. Andrea is taking a power nap, Marisa said. But the nap did not work...

After a week that starts with boxing, climbing (and/or swimming) and kettlebell, I'm ready to roll out my yoga mat on Thursday.

As I got ready to exit on the appropriate ramp, I saw congestion and, as I got on the highway, I saw red lights plus police flashers. I took a detour along with many others and glanced at the clock. I was pretty sure that I would not make it from the city to the county in time but I tried anyway.

After being caught at every possible light, I got back on the highway and knew that if there was a cop around, one of us speeders was going to be the recipient of a ticket. When I got to the exit for the yoga studio, there was a logjam there as well and, according to the clock, it was time for class to start. Since I don't like to enter classes late, I turned around, went to Target, all balled up at this point, and then headed home.

For weeks, it's been Kafkaesque at work. I wanted that yoga class. I needed that yoga class* -- but you can't always have what you want.

I grabbed my ear buds and iPod and walked about for a while then came home and put on a Tamal Dodge DVD. There are two yoga programs on this DVD -- one for energy and one for relaxation. Guess which one I chose...

*Goofy play on lines from A Few Good Men.

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