Friday, April 12, 2013

What Not To Sacrifice

Experienced an uplifting yoga class with Jen last night.

There were two total newbies and the one right next to me asked what the blankets were for and when she went to retrieve a few, her friend wanted to know what was up with the whole eye pillow thing.

Blankets, I tell her, are used to raise the hips or to cover up during the final pose...and eye pillows, well, eye pillows are like the cherry on top of savasana.

It was pretty funny when Jen said to another yogi. I don't practice yoga...One of the newbies' eyes got saucer-wide until Jen explained that she doesn't practice while teaching.

On the flip side, the woman to my left said that she's been practicing yoga for 30 years. I totally wanted to get her story but class was about to start.

Early in the game, Jen told us never to sacrifice the breath. Sounds wise to me...

In other news, the unclutter games continue. I turned over an envelope to find parts of two poems. Both still move me but especially the Kunitz one:

Hornworm: Autumn Lamentation
Since that first morning when I crawled
into the world, a naked grubby thing,
and found the world unkind,
my dearest faith has been that this
is but a trial: I shall be changed...

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