Monday, April 29, 2013

You Are Not Complaining

There is a Cuban woman who works in my building. Because I did not take Spanish seriously in school, I am not fluent and she is not fluent in English but we manage to understand one other. Today, she placed a concoction next to me and all I understood was con leche.

I've never had rice pudding but because of my Monday malaise, I downed it. About five minutes later a coworker, who didn't know about the pudding, told another one about my willpower. So much for that...

Got to kickboxing class and didn't see my regular sparring partner. Bummer but when Dawn says Pair up, there's no time to dwell on anything; it's go time. I paired up with McGwire 25 who was already tired from a hike. I need to get back to hiking or basics -- whatever you want to call it.

McGwire 25 had me cracking up. She told me that I could not hurt her. I do this (hold mitts) for brother all the time. He's the reason that I took Taekwondo. He used to stuff me into pillowcases but then he took Taekwondo too.

At some point we hear You are not complaining. Many of us send out a silent message to the complainer to cease because we don't want Dawn to intensify the workout.

McGwire 25 and I are near Ashley and Ashley has a black belt and it's such a pleasure to watch her spar. Love her stance and intensity.

At the end of class, we learn another self-defense move -- what to do if someone has you trapped underneath them...

I'm still thinking about how Saturday's climb was such an eye-opening experience for Gloria and me. During Sunday's yoga practice, Gloria talked about using your inner guidance system to know when to breathe and when to move whether it's during yoga, climbing or whatever.

Later on, when we (and I use the word we loosely) barn-doored half moon pose, I had to tap into my inner guidance system.


  1. Arroz con leche! It's so yummy and surprisingly simple to make, meaning that I can actually make it! It's one of my favorite desserts :)

  2. Sara,

    Thanks for clearing that up! I figured it was rice pudding but the "con leche" threw me off. I thought maybe it was coffee-flavored rice pudding.

    By the way, my arroz con leche was warm when she gave it to me.

    Glad that you can make one of your favorite treats...