Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unless It's A Turkish Bicycle

I've started and stopped reading several books including Drinking Closer to Home, Those We Love Most and The First 20 Minutes... I finally decided that it was time to pick up Cheryl Strayed's Wild. As I read through Twitter lists, I saw that Strayed would be in town today. Only, it's kettlebell day. I thought about doing kettlebell on Saturday but it will be a weekend with lots of family activity and, therefore, not a good time for kettlebell.

I decided not to see Strayed because I didn't want to contend with rushing to a limited seating event and I didn't want to sit anymore and I'm only 50 pages into Wild and what if...

Got to kettlebell and discovered that Chip has recuperated from surgery. Marisa decided to give us simple moves to welcome Chip back -- if you want to call dive-bomber push-ups simple.

As we went through our kettlebell cleans and presses, Marisa told Chip that swinging a kettlebell is just like riding a bicycle. Unless it's a Turkish bicycle Chip said. Marisa did have a little mercy and left Turkish Get-Ups out of the workout...

As I snickered with Chip, Erin wanted to know what was going on, decided that I was teasing her and threatened to kick me. I told her that kicking whilst holding a plank would only intensify said plank. She kicked out at me anyway.

Erin -- Snatching the Hell Out of a Kettlebell

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