Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The 30/60/90 Situation

Kettlebell is intense and I know that but I'm still surprised, at times, by the stuff that Marisa comes up with.

I glanced at her chalk board and the first thing that popped out was 25 in front of burpees.

Before the burpees, it was a 30/60/90 situation.

30 seconds of one-hand swings, (left, right)
30 secs of snatches (cleans for me; l & r)
30 secs of cleans and presses (l & r)

60 seconds of swings, cleans and presses...

We all reached a consensus (or maybe our forearms did) and skipped the 90 second portion of the program and moved on to swings and cleans then cleans and squats.

I made it through the first round of plank rows (from a chair) and the first round of 60 jumping jacks but I modified during the second round and did rows minus the plank and chair and I didn't make it to 60 on the second round of jumping jacks since I was trying to keep up with my fellow kettlebellers who do rows and jumping jacks as if they are jackrabbits.

My body quivered, as usual, during the minute forearm plank and we finished off the abs with some stretch-your-whole-body-out-sit-up-grab-your-knees situation.

I also modified on the burpees but no modification on the two rounds of squat-curl-press-triceps-extension -- my all time favorite kettlebell maneuver.

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