Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just In Case

Memorable Lanes
The YMCA that I go to for boxing classes has two locations. The old building is now referred to as the historic YMCA and martial arts classes are housed there.

When it was not historic, I took swimming lessons so I couldn't resist taking a look at the pool on the way to boxing class....

Yesterday, I had lots of fun and got an amazing workout. My favorite sequence of the night: roundhouse kick...roundhouse (right leg)...roundhouse (other leg)...jab...jab...cross...

We practiced self-defense moves at the end of class and worked on what to do if someone is choking you or throwing a punch. Even though we were practicing, it was totally unnerving to have someone's hands around my throat but totally empowering to have maneuvers in my repertoire just in case...

As I left class, my sparring partner told me how much she enjoys boxing. It's the only exercise that I don't dread, she said.

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