Friday, April 19, 2013


Try not to over-think it, Jen said as we were in a sumo-like position dipping our shoulders left then right.

Try telling that to a chronic over-thinker.

Before we started practicing yoga, we meditated. Closing the eyes lets the body know that it's time to go inside...

I instinctively close my eyes when I do self-chakra connections and it does make me feel internally calm.

After yoga, I felt like I wanted to exercise more but, the previous day, I practiced kettlebell, walked and did yoga so it was time to let my body recuperate.

I drew a bath, put in eucalyptus salt plus lavender bubbles, got deeper into Cheryl Strayed's Wild and emerged an hour later.

I woke up before the alarm and, though horizontal, experienced equal standing.

I got a surprise in the mail from Yoga Journal who is tempting me with a Netflix-like program and the offer is totally inviting but this offer finds me at a time when I'm trying to dig deep and unclutter but I definitely think Gingerzingi should have a DVD like this one.

Latest Acquisition -- A Strap for One of My Mats 


  1. I immediately ran to Netflix to see if they have this DVD. Alas. But I have another 2 or 3 in the queue.

  2. I didn't even think to look for other Yoga Journal DVDs on Netflix. Those beginner DVDs look interesting.

  3. I found some used ones on Amazon for $8, so I may take a chance...

  4. Feedback please -- if you get it...