Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nod

After we climbed and headed to the locker room, Patty told me that she saw kettlebells on Woot-Off! and thought of me.

I told her that was sweet that she thought of me. I also told her that I am looking for a twin for my 22 pounder.
Patti: Let me get this straight. You're swinging 22 pounds with one hand and 22 with the other?
Me: Yes, it's doable. It's not pretty and it doesn't feel all that great but...
David tells me that Jessica wants to do a sprint triathlon but he's not feeling it. I ask him what he wants to do.  On his bucket list is running a marathon in Death Valley but in the winter. Mike chimes in and says he has a list -- it's not a fitness bucket list but it rhymes with bucket and that makes me laugh out loud.

After climbing, I headed to the pool and when I got there, the noise was deafening -- the Boy Scouts have returned. I chided myself for not going home -- for frequently trying to seize the exercise moment. As I decided whether or not I should pay or go home, the Weight Watchers' woman nodded at me. I was touched by her willingness to share a lane.

And, bonus, I am a different and better swimmer when I have to share. I got in 10 quick laps -- possible the quickest I've ever done and called it a night.


  1. A clamoring horde of pre-adolescent boys provides all kinds of motivation! Particularly speed.

  2. Yes indeed!

    I'm reluctant to return to the pool on Tuesday... Don't know how long it takes for them to get badges.